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Three MCMC nurses are among only 16 statewide to earn 2012 Nurses of the Year honors
Published on 1/25/2013
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When it comes to quality healthcare, sometimes the best comes in small packages.

For proof, consider that three of the 16 individuals honored as 2012 Nurses of the Year by the March of Dimes work at Mid-Columbia Medical Center. Only one other Oregon hospital had as many nurses honored, and that was OHSU, the largest healthcare organization in the state,

“What that says to me is that even in a small rural setting, our nurses continue to do cutting-edge work,” says oncology nurse Melodi Johnson, R.N., one of MCMC’s honorees.

The Celilo Cancer Center staff member was named Nurse of the Year in the Small Hospitals category. MCMC’s Jeri Foster-Horrocks, R.N., was honored as Emergency Nurse of the Year and Patricia Gilbert, was named top nurse in the Nurse Educator category.

While praising all nurses for their profound impact on the lives of patients, the March of Dimes says the 16 nurses singled out this year “were acknowledged for their constant care, compassion and dedication to improving the quality of other’s lives through service.”

Regina Rose, MCMC’s chief nursing officer says that because the award requirements are so stringent and more than 400 nurses are nominated statewide, it is truly significant to be honored as one of the select few Nurses of the Year. Having three winners this year and one (Shelley Reynolds Wacker) last year, Rose says, speaks volumes about the quality of care provided by MCMC nurses.

“I’ve worked at large and small hospitals for 31 years, and I know our nursing quality can match any organization’s,” Rose says. “The quality of care here is exceptional.”

All three of the winners credited their supervisors, colleagues and patients with challenging them to be the best they can be in offering compassionate care and staying abreast of the latest advancements in medicine relevant to their jobs.

“We want to make sure our patients get the same quality of care they would get in Portland or Seattle,” says Gilbert, MCMC’s director of nursing quality and risk management.

Emergency nurse Foster-Horrocks says the commitment to excellence is a shared trait at Mid-Columbia.

“We have a lot of outstanding nurses who continually work to further themselves,” she says. “Our world is constantly changing, and we are committed to keeping our knowledge and skills up to date.”

Other Mid-Columbia Medical Center Finalists for 2012 Nurse of the Year awards:

  • Elena Bandel-Ramirez - Critical Care category
  • Ann Becker - Nurse Leader category
  • Cori Christensen - Nurse Leader category
  • Rachel Crowder - Charge Nurse category
  • Kim Hartley - Small Hospital category and General Medical and Surgical Services category
  • Jennifer Hecker - Charge Nurse category
  • Donna Maddy - Small Hospital category
  • Claire Miller - Hospice, Home Health, Long Term Care, Rehab & Palliative Care category
  • Autumn Moretty- Randall - Small Hospital category
  • Liesl Peterson - Small Hospital category
  • Ashlie Quackenbush - Rising Star category
  • David Stone - Small Hospital category
  • Brenda Trapp - Women's Health category
  • Christine Wallace - Hospice, Home Health, Long Term Care, Rehab & Palliative Care

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