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Health & Wellness Center Earns Rare Accreditation

Published on 2/5/2013
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The Health and Wellness Center at Water’s Edge has earned the distinction of being officially certified as a medical fitness center—a sign of excellence in the health and wellness industry.     

“Traditional gyms are often designed to help the fit get fitter,” explains Martina Rizzo, health and wellness operations manager at Water’s Edge. “Water’s Edge is different in that we offer everyone, no matter where they fall on the fitness spectrum, the opportunity to safely improve their health and wellness.”

In the Water’s Edge medical fitness model, medical and wellness services are integrated in one safe setting where people of all ages and medical conditions have an opportunity to take charge of and improve their overall health and well-being. Medical supervision, accountability and tracking outcomes play key roles in helping people make positive lifestyle changes.

“We are committed to working with people with medical conditions and to creating programs that people can turn for improving those conditions with exercise and lifestyle changes,” Rizzo explains.

“The staff provides guidance, as they are very knowledgeable in the areas of various medical conditions and how they may be improved by exercise.”

And, for those with no chronic conditions and not on prescription medications, exercising and using the array of wellness services offered at Water’s Edge can help prolong health and prevent disease, Rizzo adds.

Studies show that two-thirds of our healthcare costs are driven by our daily choices. Water’s Edge was created to provide an inspiring and well-equipped space to help people learn to make healthier choices in their lives.

“We provide a destination for wellness,” Rizzo says. “We would like for people to feel like Water’s Edge is their place. Each person uses this facility in a different way, depending on what their needs and goals are.

“Our mission is to help people shift toward wellness on their scale between disease and being optimally healthy,” Rizzo adds.

The medical fitness certification demonstrates that Water’s Edge is moving in the right direction—helping individuals and the overall community move toward prevention, wellness and optimal health.

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