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MCMC Recognized as Leader in Patient Safety

MCMC Participates in Oregon’s Patient Safety Reporting Program
Published on 2/28/2013
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Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s commitment to ensuring the safest possible environment for our patients has been recognized by the state agency responsible for reducing the risk of serious incidents in Oregon’s healthcare organizations.

MCMC was one of just six organizations recognized as leaders in the state’s Patient Safety Reporting Program. 

“These organizations are clear leaders when it comes to patient safety reporting in Oregon,” said Bethany Walmsley, executive director of the Oregon Patient Safety Commission.

When healthcare organizations make patient safety a priority, they share information about adverse events that can be used to strengthen systems and improve healthcare delivery. “Adverse event” is a term used to describe unintended harm (or potential harm) to a patient as a result of medical care.

One way that many of Oregon's health care providers are sharing information to improve patient safety is by reporting adverse events to the Oregon Patient Safety Commission.

“To be clear, this doesn’t mean these organizations have more adverse events than others,” Walmsley said.  “It means they are the most diligent reporters.

“Every healthcare organization experiences adverse events. What we’re acknowledging are organizations that respond to adverse events by learning about what happened and working to prevent the event from happening again.”

MCMC was acknowledged for its commitment to patient safety during a presentation in Portland Friday, March 1, as part of Patient Safety Awareness Week.

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