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Meet MCMC Physical Therapist of the Month Andy Roof, M.P.T., O.C.S.

Published on 6/25/2013
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Andy Roof is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist with a master’s degree in physical therapy from Emory University. Working at Water’s Edge allows Andy to fulfill his passion for treating musculoskeletal ailments and athletes throughout the gorge. He also teaches a class that helps patients understand the role pain plays in their lives and bodies. Andy’s infectious personality, earnest care philosophy and vast knowledge make him a favorite among patients and colleagues.

physical therapist the dalles waters edge"Our role as therapists is to empower patients by teaching them how to tap into their natural ability to heal from injuries. This includes educating them on the importance of lifelong exercise and movement so that they can maintain top physical performance,” Andy said.

Andy’s Explain Pain class teaches patients how to treat chronic pain through a variety of treatment methods. His treatment plan can include lifestyle changes, appropriate exercise and education on the physiology of pain.

“The goal of the Explain Pain course is to change the way patients view chronic pain. Recent research indicates that chronic pain is not only a result of a previous injury, but also may be due to a ‘wound up,’ dysfunctional central nervous system that has fallen into the rut of creating the 'pain experience' over and over again. Treatment of this type of pain requires re-training the brain so that we can engage in normal daily movements and function without the frustration of perceiving that pain over and over. The first step in this brain re-training program is to understand how chronic pain works. This is where the Explain Pain class comes in," Andy said.physical therapist the dalles waters edge

An overview of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology is also explained in plain language for the Explain Pain class. Andy takes a research-based approach to his explanations of what is happening when someone experiences pain. Andy shows evidence-based movements aimed at breaking the cycle of dysfunctional pain perception and give some general nutritional advice regarding an anti-inflammatory diet.

“We aim to confirm the client's pain by explaining the considerable changes that occur throughout the nervous system in a chronic pain state while also breaking the myth that increasing medication doses or getting surgery can fix the problem.”

Class attendees are given references including NOI group and Lorimer Moseley's teams’ websites. Both of these websites have extensive evidence-based information regarding chronic pain states and treatment. The Explain Pain class is on the last Tuesday of each month from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. in the Mt. Hood Room at Water’s Edge Health and Wellness Center.

physical therapist the dalles waters edge“The idea is that by educating and empowering the client to follow-up with their own research, that they will develop a sense of control over their pain state and be able to create positive changes moving forward,” Andy said.

When Andy’s not treating patients at Water’s Edge, he’s mountain biking and backcountry skiing with his wife and son. He also enjoys cooking, reading, good conversation and listening to music.  He also plays bass in a local bluegrass band.

Learn more about physical therapy at Water’s Edge by clicking here.

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