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Biomechanic Bicycle Fit Program

Published on 7/1/2013
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Water’s Edge Biomechanic Bicycle Fit Program

Q&A with Anna Saltonstall, PT, DPT

Q: Why is Bike Fitting Important?

A: With a dry climate and a multitude of quiet country roads, The Dalles offers excellent bike riding opportunities for all types of cyclists.  As a result, cycling in our community is on a rise.  Proper bicycle fit is imperative for injury prevention, performance and comfort on the bicycle.  In response, Water’s Edge physical therapist Anna Saltonstall, PT, DPT (pictured below) is offering biomechanical bicycle fitting. 

Q: Who should consider bike fitting?

A: The recreational athlete, including those with current over-use injuries or those simply seeking improved comfort, improving efficiency or injury prevention on the bicycle.


Q: What will the service will entail?

A: The bike fitting program includes:

  1. Biomechanical evaluation of the client both on and off the bicycle
  2. Key measurements for bicycle fit
  3. Client education: posture, pedal stroke, efficiency, stretching, strength training, safety, etc
  4. Recommendations for equipment alterations and/or therapeutic exercise prescription

Q: What does Bike Fitting cost?

A: Total cost is $150. This will include a handout of your pre and post fit measurements, educational and exercise handouts including topics such as posture, pedal stroke efficiency, stretching, key muscle strengthening.

Please note: We are running a bike fitting special for the month of July 2013, ONLY $120!

Q: What if I could benefit from physical therapy? Would you tell me?

A: Included in the service will be a biomechanical evaluation of the client both on and off the bicycle.  This will allow for a proper physical therapy screening for appropriate referral in the event that the client will benefit from regular physical therapy services. 


Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You may reach us at (541) 296-7202, Mon-Fri 7:00am to 5:00pm.

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