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Hydrotherapy - Just Add Water

Published on 7/1/2013
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It’s almost that simple.

And when mixed with therapeutic botanicals, minerals and luxurious body scrubs, the results are dramatic.

Hydrotherapy, or the use of water to promote health and well-being, is an essential element on the menu at the Spa at Water’s Edge.

“Hydrotherapies not only feel great, they also deliver unique benefits and can enhance and balance other spa treatments,” says Martina Rizzo, an esthetician and health and wellness operations manager at Water’s Edge.

Clients often pair water treatments with a facial or massage for the optimal spa experience. Here are some ways you can add just water to your next Spa visit:

Rain Hydrotherapy

“Rain hydrotherapy is a treatment that combines the benefits of massage and facial for your whole body,” explains Rizzo.

During the treatment, the client reclines on a cushioned table underneath a Vichy shower, a multiple showerhead system that simulates a warm, gentle tropical rainfall. The shower acts like a massage, helping to reduce stress, stimulate blood circulation and relax tight muscles. The pressure and temperature can be adjusted according to the client’s preferences. Next, the therapist gently exfoliates the entire body with a chamomile body scrub that stimulates circulation and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

“Having a healthy cell turnover is really important for our skin,” says Rizzo. “As we age, our body’s natural exfoliation process slows down. There is a fine balance between exfoliating and keeping the skin healthy and between over-exfoliating and keeping it inflamed. We help people find the right balance for their skin type.”

After thoroughly rinsing away the salts, the therapist applies a soothing moisturizer to nourish the skin.

“The treatment helps to stimulate the lymphatic and balance the nervous system of the body,” Rizzo explains. “It helps to flush out toxins and get things moving. It’s a form of detoxification for the body.”
Pair with a facial for healthy glowing skin from head to toe.

Botanical Mineral Bath Therapy
Immersing in a mineral bath helps the body eliminate toxins, supports deep relaxation, provides pain relief and aids in digestion.

“The treatment helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system—in other words, it helps the body let off the gas pedal, slow down and shift into repair stage,” says Rizzo.

During the treatment, therapeutic minerals and botanicals are added to a private soaking tub. The therapy includes a 10- to 20-minute soak.

The bath also includes a mini-reflexology treatment. Reflexology is a healing art based on the principle that there are reflex points in the feet corresponding to every system of the body. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the related body area.

Pair with a facial or therapeutic massage.

Simplify Skincare

With all the skincare products and treatments available these days, how do you know where to start? And what really works?

The Spa’s estheticians can help you develop a skin-care program tailored to your needs, including products that support skin health.

Here’s how to begin:

  • Start with a complimentary skincare consultation. The Spa’s estheticians will examine your skin under a magnifying glass and discuss your needs and concerns, health history, lifestyle and any sensitivities you have. They may also refer you to a dermatologist for certain medical conditions.
  • Schedule a facial, which includes a skin analysis. Facials can be customized to treat aging skin, sun damage, rosacea, sensitive skin, acne and other common skin conditions. Facials feel great while improving the health and appearance of your skin.
  • Establish a good homecare routine. The Spa’s estheticians will recommend products that support the length and life of the Spa treatment.
  • The adage, you are what you eat, is certainly true when it comes to your skin. Give your skin a boost by adding antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to your diet. Berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, are chock-full of antioxidants (and delicious in smoothies).

Try Osmosis
The Spa at Water’s Edge carries a full line of medical skincare products by Osmosis. These products are formulated to support and correct the skin at its core rather than temporarily fixing it, which differentiates the line from others on the market, explains Rizzo.

“We want to look for products that can actually make a difference in the health of our skin—that deliver beneficial ingredients to the living deeper layers of the skin, as opposed to just sitting on the top,” Rizzo says. “Osmosis is designed to give the skin the nutrients it needs to heal itself.”

Rizzo usually starts people with basic products that cleanse, treat the skin for an individual’s condition or skin type, moisturize and protect with a high-quality sunblock. She also recommends gently exfoliating every so often to encourage the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

“The idea is to try to eliminate the amounts of crazy creams and lotions that we have in our bathrooms that we buy and think will work, use the product for a while and never finish using it and then buy another one and another one,” she says.

Osmosis also offers a new line of mineral makeup, which is already very popular among clients because it provides natural coverage without looking heavy or accentuating pores or flaws, says Rizzo. The Spa’s estheticians can help you choose and apply makeup, too.

For more information about caring for your skin or to book an appointment at The Spa, call 541-506-5788.

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