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Medicine is a Family Affair

Meet Dorothy Sherwood, M.D. Senior Care Specialist
Published on 2/13/2014
Author: by Mark Adams
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When Dr. Dorothy Sherwood was growing up in Geneva, Ohio, a small town near Cleveland, she used to walk the hospital floor with her physician father. But it wasn’t until she was in college that she decided to follow her father’s footsteps into a medical career.

“My college biology professor told me he thought I’d make a great doctor,” she says. The Dalles’ new geriatrics specialist would later marry a neuroradiologist, Dr. Sudeep Burman. So with so much medical influence in the family one might assume the couple’s son would almost be born with a stethoscope around his neck.

“T.J. decided to become a minister. I save the bodies and he saves the souls,” Dr. Sherwood says with a laugh. While she just started practicing at River View Clinic on 19th Street a few months ago, Dr. Sherwood and her husband have a longstanding love affair with the Gorge.

“We visited the Gorge 25 years ago and he never stopped talking about it,” she says.

Every vacation they took over the ensuing years — be it Carmel or Hawaii — received the same rating in the Dr. Burman travel guidebook, something like: “A certain charm, but it’s not the Gorge.”

About four years ago, the couple bought 15 acres in their paradise, which came with both a home and a pear farm. They’ve added lavender fields and her physician husband added a new profession.

“He says he’s a farmer now, “ Dr. Sherwood says.

For a while, she was commuting between her new home in the Gorge and her practice in Dallas, Texas. She spent 24 years in private practice and at Presbyterian Hospital, most recently as chief of the Department of Geriatrics.


In her new practice in The Dalles, the internal medicine physician will focus exclusively on the care of senior patients. Dr. Sherwood has been studying, and teaching, senior issues and their treatment for many years. Common diseases affecting patients after they turn 65 include depression, hypertension, insomnia, osteoporosis and conditions like extreme agitation tied to Alzheimer’s disease. She says she is pleased to be able to practice with such high quality colleagues and to have access to a hospital that she calls “a jewel.”

“I can’t believe we have such an outstanding medical resource in this beautiful rural setting,” she says.

It’s also a setting the active doctor takes full advantage of by hiking, fishing and camping. When the experienced geriatrician was asked what she thinks are the most important habits people need to pursue, or continue pursuing as they grow older, she said, “Eat right and exercise.”

It’s an answer she may have heard her father deliver during those hospital rounds years ago. Sound advice never goes out of style.

To make an appointment with Dr. Dorothy Sherwood, please call 541.506.6940.

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