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Weight Loss for Kids And Much More

Published on 2/24/2014
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The nation’s leading weight-management program for children and adolescents is now offered by MCMC at Water’s Edge.

Called SHAPEDOWN, the program was developed by faculty members of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine with the input of experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, endocrinology, psychology, family therapy, adolescent medicine, family medicine and behavioral and developmental pediatrics.

shape down weight and fitness program the dallesStudies have shown that children and teens who participate in SHAPEDOWN achieve significant long-term
benefits beyond just weight loss. These include enhanced self-esteem and improved peer relationships. They also adopt healthier eating habits and begin to normalize their weight within their genetic potential.

In addition, the program’s family-oriented approach leaves parents feeling better about their parenting and their children. Families become healthier and closer.

To learn more about SHAPEDOWN, including the dates and times of the next class, please call 541.296.7519.

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