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MCMC Health & Fitness Fair

Hosted by Water's Edge Health & Wellness Center
Published on 8/14/2014
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Come to Water’s Edge for our Annual Health & Fitness Fair!

Saturday, Sept. 27, 10am – 2pm | FREE Admission

Take advantage of a variety of health screenings and information for the whole family including foot health, skin cancer screening, blood pressure, Doc Talk lectures, immunization Q&A, nutrition and cooking demos, wellness activities and much more for men, women and kids.

Kids Health

  • Sensory Development Through Play – Obstacle course, bean bag toss, balloon room & more
  • IMPACT Concussion Prevention & Treatment Program with Mark Cullen, MD, from Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Ask a Nurse – Information about immunization and other child health questions
  • Choosy Kids – Teaching kids to make healthy choices

MCMC Health and Fitness Fair in The Dalles

Wellness & Activity

  • It Can Wait – Distracted driving interactive exhibit
  • Chair Massage
  • Skin Care Analysis - Skin protection 365 days a year
  • Outdoor Yoga
  • How Hard are You Exercising? – Target heart rate & perceived exertion

NutritionMCMC Health and Fitness Fair in The Dalles

  • Recipe Makeover – How to make a good recipe healthier cooking demo (Noon in the Deschutes Room)
  • A New Look for the Cook – Nutrition information and activities to help refresh your old favorites
  • The Bistro – Water’s Edge restaurant will be open featuring a limited menu from the “recipe makeover” contest

MCMC Health and Fitness Fair in The Dalles

Men & Women’s Health

  • MCMC’s Center for Breast Care – Screening guidelines & early detection
  • Foot Health with Joshua Boone, DPM, from Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Check One Spot – Skin cancer screening with Melinda Cushing, MD, from Columbia Crest Dermatology
  • Know Your Numbers – Lab results pick up & blood pressure screening
  • Gait analysis, balance and mobility
  • Cover Oregon – Health insurance enrollment information

Keith Stelzer, MD, PhD Radiation Oncologist


10:45am – Cancer in the Gorge: How Do We Rate?
Keith Stelzer, MD, Radiation Oncologist at Celilo Cancer Center
Dr. Stelzer will discuss the most common types of cancers in the Gorge as well as myths and facts about environmental impacts on cancer rates in our area.


All located at Water’s Edge, 551 Lone Pine Blvd, The Dalles
For more information, contact: lindas@mcmc.net

Chance to win a $250 Water's Edge gift certificate.  To be eligible, visit a minimum of 8 exhibits listed on your Partners in Health passport and complete the evaluation on the back.

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