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Could You Repeat That? Hearing Loss & Prevention

Tuesday, March 10th, 7-8:30pm
We live in a noisy world. We are bombarded each day with the sounds from traffic, heavy equipment, home appliances, and television and stereo equipment. That's going to take a toll on our ears. Hearing loss is a chronic condition that is very common, but keeping our hearing sharp is essential to quality of life. Hearing well now is no guarantee of hearing well in the future. Join Matt Proctor, MD, at Columbia Gorge ENT & Allergy and James Petrusich, Au.D. at Columbia Gorge Hearing Care as they discuss the many forms of hearing loss, causes, and prevention as well as ways to treat hearing loss.

Location: Water's Edge, 551 Lone Pine Blvd, The Dalles
Childcare will be available at Kid's Club for $2.00/child.
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