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Gina Sheedy MD, MPH, Medical Director

Gina Sheedy, MD, MPH, Medical Director

  • Primary Specialties
    • Occupational Medicine
  • Primary Address 1815 E 19th Street, Suite 2
    The Dalles, OR 97058
  • Primary Phone 541.296.7811

Gina M. Sheedy, MD, MPH, Medical Director of MCMC Occupational Health Services.

With the addition of our Medical Director, Gina M. Sheedy, MD, MPH, we are pleased to announce our ability to offer on-site consultations for those employers seeking to provide a safer workplace environment for their employees.

Dr. Sheedy joined Mid-Columbia Medical Center as the Medical Director of Occupational Health Services in October-2016. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Preventive Medicine, residency-trained and Board Certified in Occupational Medicine. She earned a Master of Public Health degree in Occupational and Environmental Medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and was awarded a research-educational grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of CDC to develop new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice. She is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) for Federal (regulated) and Non-Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs in the last 20+ years, and a US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Civil Surgeon.

She graduated from Temple University-School of Medicine, and completed her Occupational & Environmental Medicine residency at University of Pennsylvania Medical Centers and Medical College of Wisconsin. For 22 of her 29 years in medicine, she has practiced exclusively in Occupational & Environmental Medicine (OEM). She practiced Internal Medicine (2 years) and Emergency Medicine (5 years) prior to OEM.

Dr. Sheedy has been serving as a Medical Director, Physician Consultant, and Staff Physician for numerous Occupational Medicine Programs in Oregon:

Currently: Mid-Columbia Medical Center/MCMC, Intel Corporation, Oregon Occupational Medicine/OOM

Previously: Northwest Permanente (Kaiser) Occupational Health, Providence and Willamette Falls Occupational Health, Cascade Occupational Medicine, Concentra Occupational Medicine, Occupational Medicine Consulting Services, Adventist Occupational Health, Occupational Consultants Northwest (OCN).

Dr. Sheedy’s professional and clinical expertise includes:

PREVENTION, EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT, HAZARD RECOGNITION AND CONTROL (e.g., Toxicology, Industrial hygiene, Physical hazards, Occupational safety and controls, Environmental Health, Risk Assessment)

CLINICAL PATIENT CARE (e.g., Causation & Work-relatedness, Occupational Diseases & Injuries Prevention & Treatment, Disability Prevention & Management, Return-to-duty and Fitness for Duty Evaluation)

OEM ADMINISTRATION AND SYSTEMS-BASED PRACTICE (e.g., Occupational Disease & Medical Surveillance, Occupational Health Laws & Regulation, Workers' Compensation, Disability Assessment, Emergency and Disaster management, Commercial Driver Medical Examinations, Medical Review Officer/MRO & Drug/Alcohol Testing)


A. Hazard Characterization 1. Walk through assessment 2. Industrial hygiene surveys

B. Toxicological Principles 1. Toxicokinetics 2. Carcinogenesis 3. Hydrocarbons & solvents 4. Metals 5. Gases 6. Dusts 7. Pesticides 8. Nitrogen Compounds 9. Chemical Warfare agents

C. Ergonomics 1. Evaluation 2. Control

D. Physical Hazards 1. Ionizing radiation 2. Non-ionizing radiation 3. Noise 4. Dysbarism 5. Temperature 6. Mechanical & electrmagnetic 7. Vibration 8. Lasers

E. Chronobiology 1. Fatigue 2. Shift work 3. Travel

F. Occupational safety and controls

G. Industrial hygiene 1. Engineering Controls 2. Personal protective equipment 3. Administrative Controls

H. Environmental Health

I. Risk Assessment


A. General Patient Evaluation and Testing 1. Exposure & occupational history 2. Causation & Work-relatedness 3. Contributing factors

B. Eyes 1. Screening 2. Injury

C. Ear, Nose and Throat 1. Noise & solvent induced Hearing Loss 2. Acute Acoustic Trauma 3. Assessment: a. Audiometry 4. Barotrauma

D. Pulmonary 1. Occupational Disease a. Pneumoconiosis b. Asthma c. Allergic and Immunologic Disease

d. Inhalation Disorders e. Cancer 2. Pulmonary Function Testing 3. Respirator Certification 4. Prevention

E. Heart & vascular System 1. Effects of physical & chemical agents 2. Physically and psychologically stressful duties 3. Fitness for duty

F. Hepatic and gastrointestinal 1. Liver & biliary tract disorders 2. Cancer 3. Liver function testing

G. Genitourinary 1. Renal disorders 2. Renal & Bladder Cancer

H. Hematology/Oncology 1. Hematologic Disorders 2. Hematologic Cancers 3. Clinical & Laboratory studies a. Medical surveillance b. Post-exposure

I. Infectious Diseases and Biohazards 1. Blood borne pathogens 2. Tuberculosis 3. Diseases of travelers& workers 4. Zoonotic disease 5. Building-related illnesses 6. Biologic warfare 7

J. Musculoskeletal 1. Spine Disorders & Back Pain a. Diagnosis & management b. Treatment & Prevention 2. Upper Extremity Disorders a. Entrapment Neuropathies b. Overuse syndromes 3. Joint and Extremity injuries & disorders

K. Neurologic disorders 1. Neurological & mental status exams 2. Neurotoxic exposures 3. Central Nervous System Disorders 4. Peripheral Neuropathy 5. Interpretation of neurologic testing 6. Sleep disorders

L. Mental Disorders 1. Effects on work capacity 2. Identify, manage & refer impaired employee 3. Work place stress

M. Reproductive Disorders 1. Common reproductive toxins and their effects 2. Risk & Exposure 3. Protection of fertility

N. Dermatology 1. Allergic & irritant dermatitis 2. Urticaria 3. Infections 4. Neoplasia 5. Pigmentation disorders 6. Work-aggravated dermatoses

O. Clinical Toxicology 1. Evaluate & treat exposure to toxins

P. Pain Management 1. Acute & Chronic management


A. Surveillance 1. Principles of surveillance 2. Occupational Disease Surveillance 3. Medical surveillance programs

B. Medical ethics and confidentiality

C. Regulations 1. OSHA 2. EPA 3. ADA and ADAAA 4. GINA 5. FMLA

D. Workers' compensation 1. Payment principles 2. Disability assessment

E. Health care delivery systems

F. OEHS program management

G. Health and productivity 1. Health Risk assessments 2. Nutrition 3. Physical activity 4. Lifestyle Medicine

H. Emergency and disaster management 1. Programmatic planning 2. Chemical 3. Biological 4. Nuclear

I. Transportation medicine 1. Commercial Driver Medical Examinations

J. Disability administration 1. Disability prevention and management 2. Americans with Disabilities Act 3. Fitness for Duty and Return to Work

K. Substance use and abuse 1. Employee Assistance Programs

L. Workplace violence


Areas of Interest

Board Certified, residency trained in Occupational & Environmental Medicine under the Board of Preventive Medicine

Over 29 years experience in occupational health, emergency medicine and internal medicine

22 years experience exclusively in occupational medicine

Primary Office

1815 E 19th Street, Suite 2
The Dalles, OR 97058

Phone: 541.296.7811