A Planetree Hospital

Serving the Columbia River Gorge for Over 50 Years

Mid-Columbia Medical Center was the first hospital in the nation to integrate the Planetree philosophy of care when we did so in 1992. In the following years, MCMC transformed into a one-of-a-kind healthcare center, defying many traditional expectations of a hospital. The Planetree philosophy of patient care emphasizes the need to address a person's intellectual, environmental, emotional, and spiritual concerns in addition to their physical needs. Basing the entirety of our work and efforts around the Planetree philosophy of patient-centered care, we became a comprehensive treatment center, addressing all of our patients' needs.

What it Means to Be a Planetree Hospital

By becoming a Planetree hospital, we put all of our focus on our patients' medical experiences. We work to make MCMC a caring, nurturing, and educational environment. We made great efforts to humanize and demystify the medical experience for our patients by encouraging open dialogue and being as available as possible for our patients. Our medical professionals are exceptionally skilled at communicating often-confusing medical terms in a way that is easily understandable for our patients.

Several components of what we offer, as a Planetree hospital, are:

  • Patient medical charts completely accessible to respective patients
  • Appointment of "care partners" to take care of patients at home after visiting MCMC
  • Free patient health information packets regarding any health concern they want to learn about
  • Relaxation therapy provided by an expert relaxation specialist
  • The labyrinth, which offers healing through contemplative walking among nature
  • Music thanatology to ease the patient's transition from life to death
  • Art therapy to encourage the creation of artwork and allow patients to change art in their rooms
  • Pet therapy provided by certified pet visitors to encourage companionship and touch therapy
  • Healing gardens, which encourage healing through immersion in nature

The Planetree holistic approach to healthcare empowers patients and their families through the communication of open and honest information. Patients are able to become more comfortable when they have copious information about their medical condition and treatment options. Our belief that a person's healing needs extends far beyond their physical body is evidenced in all the work we do. We believe patients can heal faster and more efficiently when we work to improve their emotional and psychological health, in addition to their physical wellbeing.