Mid-Columbia Medical Center Outreach

Organizational Overview:

For over a half of a century, Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) has acted as a catalyst in the promotion of health initiatives within our community. MCMC believes in the health of the whole individual, including emotional, intellectual, environmental and spiritual wellbeing. We strive to empower our patients to become active partners in their health through humanizing and demystifying the healthcare process.

Our vision of health encompasses art, education, technology and a center for healing which will continually upgrade the quality of life in the community environment in which we all live. We are committed to improving access and quality of care to all those we serve.

Purpose of Outreach:

We acknowledge that a healthy community goes beyond the walls of our hospital. In response, MCMC has established a long-history of community services and other engagements throughout the Columbia River Gorge. By building partnerships with community groups, health care organizations, civic leaders and our local residents we can better understand and respond to the needs of our community in alignment with our vision.

A spirit of collaboration

The organizations listed below have come together to create our first integrated Columbia Gorge Regional Community Health Assessment. Together, we have been able to combine social and economic conditions with key healthcare information to build a prioritized set of needs for the region and identify unique needs in specific locations or populations.

  • Columbia Gorge Health Council
  • Hood River County Health Department
  • Klickitat Valley Health
  • Klickitat Valley Health Department
  • Mid-Columbia Center for Living
  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center
  • North Central Public Health District
  • One Community Health
  • PacificSource Community Solutions
  • Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital
  • Skyline Hospital

The button below, represents our collaborative work and, more importantly, our harmonized voice on the highest needs for our region overall.

Check out the latest Community Health Assessment Here

In response to these needs, MCMC has developed a targeted improvement plan for their focus areas.


Current CHIP Priorities

The primary motivation behind Community Outreach is not only the fulfillment of our vision and improved patient care but the simultaneous contribution to the financial success of MCMC. As a community hospital we want to provide care convenient for families in bringing patients back home. Any new outreach projects should be considered in mind of the strategic goals and initiatives set forth by the MCMC Board of Trustees.

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