Hospital Master

Hospital Price List

Your hospital bill should never be a surprise. But it can be hard to predict what treatments are required to fight illness or restore a person’s health. Your out-of-pocket costs are based largely on your health coverage. The best way to plan for out-of-pocket expenses is to:‚Äč

  • Contact your health plan administrator and ask for your out-of-pocket costs for an upcoming stay, or
  • Call MCMC’s estimate team at 541-296-7500 for an estimate.

MCMC provides a list of our hospital charges below. Please note, these are gross charges, not what we receive from patients or health plans.

Every patient is charged the same amount, but an individual patient’s out-of-pocket expenses may vary based on their benefit coverage and rates negotiated with health plans. Patients with no or insufficient coverage may quality for discounts.

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