The Gorge Lifestyle

For those of us who live here, the phrase Gorge Lifestyle alone speaks volumes. And we know that once you experience the Gorge Lifestyle you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. From the exquisite scenic beauty, to the bountiful harvests, and the people with whom we have so much in common, our home is unique. We hope you will take the opportunity and join our staff to experience the Gorge Lifestyle.

Name your sport…

There’s a good chance you can do it here. And, quite possibly, side-by-side with everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes. There’s something for everyone here!

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

The Gorge is a mecca for windsports enthusiasts the world over. Every summer you’ll hear a wide range of languages being spoken on the beaches, and probably learn how to say “windy” in at least three of them . The wind here is legendary and it blows all summer with a good shoulder seasons in the spring and fall. And if you don’t windsurf or kiteboard already, its a great place to learn.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, X-Country:

Looming in every backyard, Mt. Hood is home to four ski resorts with hundreds of downhill runs, terrain parks, pipes, rails and an average yearly snowfall of over 12 feet. Skiing can be had almost year round at Timberline but most mortals hit the slopes around Thanksgiving and ride until late spring. All other winter sports are available in large quantities with active participants throughout the community in each one.

Kayaking & Whitewater Sports

The White Salmon River holds world-class challenges for kayaking experts. Not all boaters are bound for glory though and the Gorge has a gentler, safer ride for them on the Deschutes, the Klickitat, the Little White Salmon or Columbia. There is an active community of paddlers of all sorts in the Gorge and almost year round availability if you don’t mind cold water.

Road & Mountain Biking

If hitting the trail means getting on your downhill bike and bombing a steep and technical boulder field, you’re going to find yourself amid some of the best terrain outside of Colorado. Post Canyon hosts miles and miles of sculpted single track and has something for everyone from first time rider to totally extreme professional. There are also many other trail systems so it won’t ever turn into the daily grind.


Blessed with three biologically distinct Chinook salmon runs: spring, summer and fall, the Columbia River is a salmon angler’s dream come true. And, if the elusive steelhead is what you’re after, there’s no better river than the Deschutes. A mere 30 minutes away you’ll be standing alongside (or in the riffles of) a fly-fishing mecca known the world over. The avid fly fisher will be delighted with the many streams and rivers available to fish.


The Gorge area is known for its stunning scenery and amazing vistas and all of this translates to golf courses that take your breath away. There are two public courses in Hood River: Indian Creek, and Hood River Country Club. Also The Dalles has a members-only private course.

And There’s More Too…

Other sports and activities in the area are: equestrian pursuits, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, bird watching, aeronautics, and many more…