For Patients & Guests

Serving The Dalles Residents for 50+ Years

Thank you for choosing Mid-Columbia Medical Center and entrusting our professional and compassionate healthcare workers with your care. With our warm atmosphere and caring employees, we are sure you will soon learn what it means to stay at a patient-centered hospital. Our state-of-the-art technology, fully-equipped fitness centers, and aquatic center's various pools are all designed to enhance your healthcare experience. In addition, our numerous therapies including hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and aquatic therapy are available to patients whose condition calls for it.

To make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible, here are several things you should bring:

  • Your health insurance card
  • Your prescription insurance card
  • Personal hygiene items that you may need
  • Valid personal identification (driver's license, passport, or state ID)
  • HMO/PPO referral forms, if it's required
  • Any outside medical records if your physician requested them
  • All medications you are currently taking, or have recently taken
  • Any essential personal items like glasses, hearing aids, walker, or wheelchair
  • Reading and writing materials if you want
  • Nothing too valuable in case it gets lost, misplaced, or taken

Preparing for Surgery

You are able to pre-register for surgery at any time as you do not need an appointment to do so. When pre-registering at our Patient & Visitor Services department, please bring the following items with you: A complete patient admission form, your insurance and/or Medicare cards, any Pre-Op paperwork from your doctor, and a completed Advance Directives form. If you are unable to pre-resister and need to register on the same day as your appointment, we completely understand. For same-day registrations, please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled surgery and bring the aforementioned items with you. Your doctor will provide you with instructions on what you should and should not eat and drink before your surgery. Please follow their instructions closely as actions to the contrary could cause issues.

Financial Assistance

Mid-Columbia Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital dedicated to providing high quality healthcare services to community members, regardless if they are able to pay or not. We work closely with patients who are unable to pay their medical bills and we may be able to arrange payment plans for them. We offer a financial assistance program to patients who meet the eligibility requirements. Contact us today if you are unable to pay and are in need of financial assistance.

Interpreter Services

Interpretive services are easily accessible to patients at any type of hospital or clinic-based care facility. They are free to use and available at all times of the day. When scheduling an appointment or surgery, please let our hospital staff know that you will be needing an interpreter and one will be provided promptly.

Billing Information

If you have health insurance, please bring a copy of your health insurance ID card to the Patient & Visitor Services office. If you receive benefits from Medicare or Medicaid, we will bill your insurance for you. You will need to pay for deductibles and co-payments unless they are covered by a supplemental insurance plan. If you do not have health insurance, please contact us and see if you may be eligible for financial assistance.

Patient Medical Records

Mid-Columbia Medical Center provides patient records to those who request them. By submitting the Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information form to our Health Information Management team, you will be able to receive your medical records after review. Please state on the form if you have any special requests regarding how you would like your records to be delivered, whether in a thumb drive, online, or on paper.

For guests

Our visiting hours are 24/7 as we understand that support for sick or injured loved ones can play a huge role in our patients' happiness and recovery. We have an extensive gift shop and parking is free at all times of the day in our hospital parking lots. If you are from out-of-town, our friendly and knowledgeable hospital staff will gladly point you in the direction of where you want to go. When visiting, please refrain from using any tobacco products on the premises, in order to promote healthy lifestyles and faster recoveries. We offer free Wi-Fi to all patient areas and in the main lobby for your convenience. Our Atrium Falls Café offers a wide range of entrees, salads, grill items, snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. Please enjoy your stay while visiting Mid-Columbia Medical Center and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.