Preparing For Surgery

Surgery Before & After

If you are scheduled for surgery, we invite you to download our Surgery Guidebook, which contains important information about what to expect and how to prepare for your procedure.

Pre-registering for your surgery

You may pre-register for surgery at any time; no appointment is necessary. Our Patient & Visitor Services (PVS) department is located at the Emergency entrance; as you enter this area, the desk is to your left. When you pre-register for your surgery at the PVS desk, please have the following items with you:

  • a complete patient admission form
  • any Pre-Op packet/papers from your doctor
  • your insurance and/or Medicare cards
  • completed Advance Directives form (this can be picked up from your doctor’s office or the PVS staff)

Registering on the day of your surgery

We encourage you to pre-register for your surgery at least 24 hours before your procedure, but we know that is not always possible.

Pre-registration is a safeguard to make sure any required lab or X-ray tests have been completed. Incomplete lab or x-ray tests may result in your surgery being delayed or postponed.

If you need to register the same day of your surgery, please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled procedure and bring all of the information (listed in the pre-registration section above) with you.

Preparing for your surgery

Your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow. In most cases, you should not eat or drink (not even water, coffee or gum) after 10 p.m. the night before your surgery. Failure to follow your doctor’s specific instructions and not preparing properly may delay or postpone your scheduled surgery.