Mid-Columbia Health Foundation

Helping Fund MCMC Since 1983

The Mid-Columbia Health Foundation was established to help provide financial support to Mid-Columbia Medical Center, thereby providing access to high quality healthcare the Columbia River Gorge area. Over the years, the Health Foundation proved to be an invaluable resource to both us and the local community. Through the donations and dialogues exchanged through this foundation, we became closer to The Dalles community and built lifelong relationships with its residents. We are eternally grateful for the generosity and kindness shown to us on a daily basis, by the residents of the Columbia River Gorge.

Kind donors like you provide much-needed help to:

  • Patients fighting cancer
  • Cardiac rehabilitation patients
  • Nursing school students
  • Patients unable to leave their homes
  • Local non-profit organizations
  • Students who are going on to college
  • Patients who need support

How We Raise Funds

Thanks to the kindness of our neighbors and local businesses, we were able to raise nearly $900,000 in 2016. We helped raise these funds through gifts from grateful patients, special appeals, stock donations, donations from community members, our employee giving program, grants, and hosting events. Our efforts were further aided thanks to the countless volunteers who put in hundreds of hours of their time to support our foundation. We are extremely fortunate to be located in a community that gives so much time, money, and effort into helping its fellow neighbors.

How the Funds Help Us

Using your donations, we are able to help make Mid-Columbia Medical Center a truly comprehensive healthcare center. Funds are directed to things like purchasing new technology and equipment, helping students afford school items, getting rides to doctors' appointments for those who can't afford them, and far more. We support student scholarships, local non-profit organizations, new medical technology, patients in need, healthy youth and community activities, and underserved populations. You can be happy knowing your donations are directed to the betterment of the community.

Contact us today at mchf@mcmc.net.