Spotlight on Philanthropy

Masons Named 2020 Outstanding Philanthropic Group

Since the early 80’s, the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation has worked to support: our local medical system and its patients, scholarships for youth & nursing students, training for medical professionals and our broader community through grants. It is in that spirit that we present the philanthropy awards each year.

Philanthropy is defined as good will to fellow members of the human race. That definition goes a long way to describe the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Philanthropic Group, the Wasco Masonic Lodge, better know as the Masons.

The history of the Masons spans decades and is built on the values of brotherly love, relief and truth. Under these principals the local chapter of the Masons provides programing support for The Dalles Art Center and the SMART program. They help fund the Community Backpack Program, putting food in the hands of children and families. They provide grant funding for teachers in our local schools sharing the burden of educating today’s youth. They sponsor contests and volunteer their time in the community. They provide $6,000 worth of scholarships to graduating seniors in the Columbia Gorge each year. They ask nothing in return. Congratulations, and thank you to the Masons.

Dr. Peter & Mrs. Karen Peruzzo Named 2020 Outstanding Philanthropists

Compassion, kindness, good will and generosity. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Philanthropist Award, Dr. Peter and Mrs. Karen Peruzzo.

The Peruzzos started donating to the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation in 2001 and they have been yearly donors ever since. As a retired physician and medical office assistant, they both have a deep understanding of what it means to truly care for people. Among their other community involvement, they have show particular interest in supporting the Chaplain’s Fund, which helps patients of MCMC’s medical system facing emergency situations. The Peruzzo's support of the Chaplain’s Fund over the years has made it possible for our most vulnerable community members to have the medications and supplies they need as they are discharged from the hospital. Their support has helped to provide gift cards for the hungry, and temporary shelter for those in need. They have provided handmade quilts as raffle prizes, and volunteered their time for various community projects. All of this has been done quietly. Not in secret, but without any expectation for praise or acknowledgment.

For these reasons and many more we congratulate Dr. Peter and Mrs. Karen Peruzzo on receiving the Outstanding Philanthropist Award.