Breast Health for Strong Families Puts on "A Womens Day"

Breast Health for Strong Families provides education and resources with “A Womens Day”event at Celilo Village.

Breast Health for Strong Families (BHSF) put on “A Womens Day” in July to provide breast health education and community resources to the Native American population in the counties BHSF serves.

The volunteer team, who was comprised of community partners and health workers, started the day at around 8 a.m. by gathering women door-to-door to bring to the Celilo Village long house. Participants were provided with free shirts, sunscreen, and water to stay cool throughout the village walk-and-talk, allowing for one-on-one time with participants.

As the group grew throughout the morning, the event continued with a breast education lesson consisting of a basic introduction of the BHSF program and other free community resources. The lesson included mammogram information, breast anatomy, and a guide and demonstration on how to perform a breast self-exam. Participants were also provided with guides describing factors which reduce the risk of breast cancer and other educational materials. The event ended with a raffle basket drawing.

Blanca Flores from BHSF said, “It was such a wonderful opportunity to work with this community and to hear and understand barriers which prevent them from getting their mammograms. These women were incredibly grateful to us for coming out to them and providing them with so much great information, empowering them to get their mammograms and to feel more comfortable asking their providers questions.”

As a result of this event, BHSF was able to provide education to nearly 20 women, with several enrolling in voucher programs or taking action directly after the event.

Flores commented on the success of the event saying, “We didn’t realize the impact we would make in their community by coming to them and spending a little more time getting to know more about them. Our program also learned a lot and plans on creating many more events with them in the future.”