Coffee Talks at Wells & Sons Packing House

Breast Health for Strong Families unites with Wells & Sons Packing House to provide charla event for employees.

A coffee talk event was hosted in early October by Alberta Flores at Wells & Sons Packing House in Hood River. Flores had gone through the Breast Health for Strong Families (BHSF) program and wanted to share her experience with her coworkers through the company’s first charla event with BHSF.

The event gained a lot of traction with employees, bringing more the twice the anticipated number of participants during their lunch hour.

With a room full of eager women, the team, comprised of Blanca Flores and Alida Raynor, provided information on mammograms and the importance of them, as well as what to expect. The team then provided enrollment opportunities for those who were interested in the program.

BHSF, MCMC, and the event were well received and were welcomed back to Wells and Sons anytime.