No. 1 Nurses...AGAIN!

MCMC Receives Four New Oregon Nurse of the Year Awards
Once again, Mid-Columbia Medical Center nurses have proved they are among the state’s most outstanding patient-care providers. For the fifth consecutive year, MCMC nurses are among the exclusive group of Oregon care professionals selected to receive the 2015 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award.

MCMC’s nurses have been recognized by the March of Dimes every year since the award’s inception. The organization selects one outstanding nurse in 16 different categories, an MCMC nurse was at the top of four of those in 2015.

While praising all nurses for their profound impact on the lives of patients, the March of Dimes says the 16 nurses singled out this year “were acknowledged for their constant care, compassion and dedication to improving the quality of other’s lives through service.”

“This year’s honored nurses are just the latest in a long succession of MCMC nurses who have been honored among their peers statewide,” says MCMC President and CEO Duane Francis. “It is really a remarkable achievement that a hospital the size of ours has been so frequently and consistently honored by the March of Dimes. It is a great testament to the outstanding quality of care our nurses have long delivered, and I couldn’t be prouder, not only of the four winners but of the other MCMC nurses who were nominated for the award.”

Here is a look at MCMC’s honored nurses.

Rachel Crowder: The “Oregon Small Hospital Nurse of the Year” is a nursing supervisor at MCMC who also works as a nursing educator and assistant emergency management coordinator.

“Rachel is a highly motivated self starter who has been involved in many crucial MCMC projects,” says Regina Rose, MCMC’s chief nursing officer. As a nursing supervisor, Crowder ensures the hospital is running smoothly with the nursing units appropriately staffed so that MCMC can provide consistently excellent bedside patient care. “Rachel is an excellent clinician and resource for our nurses and is not afraid to jump in and assist with a challenging patient situation or mentor and teach nurses on a moment’s notice,” Rose adds.

Lisa Sosa was named the 2015 Oregon Nurse of the Year in the Nurse Specialty category. Sosa plays many roles in her job as MCMC’s risk manager. She helps ensure optimal inpatient safety by reviewing laws, rules and regulations that govern how hospitals provide patient care and communicates this information to employees, patients and their families. She’s also led an interdisciplinary team in the development of the MCMC “Raise a Hand for Safety” program.

The program puts patient and employee safety at the forefront of all activities at MCMC and encourages all employees to “speak up for safety.” According to Rose, “Lisa provides support and is an advocate for all of MCMC’s patients as well as the greater community.”

The daughter of an Air Force chaplain, Sosa grew up all over the world. She earned her bachelor of science in nursing degree from Loma Linda University. Before joining MCMC she worked at Loma Linda, where she was also a nursing instructor, and Kaiser Permanente.

Sosa and her husband Joe have eight children. She loves being outdoors where she gardens, hikes and paddle boards in the summer.

Jayme Alsup was named the 2015 Oregon Emergency Nurse of the Year. Alsup has been a nurse for 14 years with a background in intensive care in addition to emergency nursing. As a trauma coordinator at MCMC, Alsup is responsible for ensuring MCMC’s Emergency Department meets or exceeds all Oregon state standards for trauma care. MCMC recently underwent the Oregon State Trauma Survey and passed with exceptional marks. Surveyors indicated they were impressed with the high level of trauma care MCMC provides to the community as well as the active process improvement in the area of trauma care.

“Jayme is a strong leader and is known for her positive attitude and excellence in nursing practice,” says Rose.

Alsup has lived most of her life in Sherman County, where her parents owned a wheat farm. She credits them with much of her success. “They instilled in me a great work ethic and the importance of loving your career and doing everything with respect, responsibility and a positive attitude,” she says.

It was volunteering at MCMC during high school that led Alsup to nursing. Graduating with honors from the OHSU School of Nursing, she was named Nursing Student of the Year. She went on to work at Providence St. Vincent’s Medical Center before coming to MCMC.

After 13 years at MCMC, Alsup says, “It’s an organization that recognizes its hard- working employees and a place I will call my second home until I retire.”

The mother of twin 4-year-old boys loves to snowboard, hike, bike and run in her free time.

Anna Dillon was named the 2015 Oregon Nurse of the Year in the Critical Care category. She is a clinical leader in the Intensive Care Unit at MCMC and demonstrates purpose and pride when caring for the most critically ill in the local community.

“She is recognized by her colleagues for her compassionate care, patient advocacy and critical care nursing skills both here at MCMC and abroad,” Rose says.

Dillon has done extensive volunteer work globally, providing care for populations that do not generally receive high-quality healthcare. She loves the profession of nursing because it is “heartwarming, heartbreaking, an endless learning opportunity and unsubtly meaningful.”

Dillon grew up in Atascadero, Calif., the youngest of five kids raised by a single mother. Despite challenging circumstances, she was always encouraged to “dream big, think globally and travel.”

Of her work at MCMC she says, “I never imagined a hospital like MCMC could exist. They take such good care of their employees, which allows us to take good care of our patients.”