Stroke Survivors Support Group

Providing Peer Support, Hope & Encouragement

The Need for Peer Support, Hope and Encouragement

Stroke survivors and their family caregivers need help adjusting to the changes in their lives. That’s why many stroke survivors join support groups. Sharing similar problems helps survivors learn to live with new changes. Stroke support groups offer survivors, their caregivers and other family members the chance to share concerns and support each other. They unite around their common experiences and help each other find positive solutions.

Our Stroke Support Group allows stroke survivors to help themselves and other survivors create meaningful lives after stroke. Coming together in an atmosphere of caring and cooperation, survivors, their family, caregivers and friends can forge a new sense of community. New goals and friendships are started, spawning hope and encouraging independence.

Support Group Goals

  • To provide accurate information for group education that promotes a better understanding of stroke recovery, rehabilitation and prevention of recurrent stroke.
  • To offer a way for stroke survivors to meet others with similar challenges and experiences and provide mutual positive support.
  • To renew hope and promote independence by offering opportunities for survivors to challenge themselves and continue to improve their performance of daily living activities.
  • To provide caregivers and family members a structured way to share and support each other.
  • To offer stroke families the resources and support they need to live an active and satisfying life while coping with their losses and disabilities due to stroke.
  • To improve communication and understanding among stroke families.
  • To offer support uniquely designed to help stroke family caregivers.

What to Expect

  • Education on a topic related to stroke/brain injury
  • Time to ask questions of our healthcare team
  • Social time for connecting with other stroke survivors
  • Time to laugh and share triumphs and struggles

Please join mPower Inpatient Rehab Nurses and MCMC staff members for education, fellowship and support.

Who: Stroke survivors, care givers and their families

What: Stroke Survivor Support Group in the Mid-Columbia Region

When: 3rd Thursday of each month (except March 2020), 1:30 to 3 pm

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Where: Oregon Veterans’ home,
“Jeans’ Room” in Activity Center
700 Veterans Dr., The Dalles