New Podiatrist Will Help MCMC Expand Foot Care

MCMC’s newest foot specialist leads an active and healthy lifestyle, and she chose a medical specialty that will give her many opportunities to help patients can be back up and running, sometimes literally, following an illness or injury.

The arrival in The Gorge of Podiatrist Kathryn Jenewein, D.P.M. is part of an expansion of MCMC’s podiatric medicine program. Plans are under way to move the existing podiatry clinic in The Dalles to 551 Lone Pine Blvd, while a second podiatry clinic will be opened in Hood River when a new facility is completed next year (see article on previous page).

In addition to Dr. Jenewein, other new providers will be added, allowing MCMC to offer a well-rounded foot and ankle program that provides care for everything from diabetic foot infections, bunions, hammertoes and flat feet to arthritis, trauma and sports injuries.

Dr. Jenewein grew up in Mount Prospect, a suburb of Chicago. The daughter of a physics and electronics teacher, she had an early interest in science. When her older sister pursued a career in optometry, she started to think about work in the health sciences field for herself.

After earning her bachelor’s degree at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, she decided to focus on podiatric medicine at Des Moines University in Iowa.

Dr. Jenewein’s interest in podiatry as a specialty stems form her own experiences growing up. An avid ice skater in her early years, she went on to compete in soccer and distance running through her high school and college years. On a few occasions, she sought treatment from podiatrists and was fascinated and impressed with their work.

She was also interested in the intersection of biomechanics and various treatment options that could be employed to solve any problems that she was facing.

Dr. Jenewein completed her podiatric residency at Legacy Health System and Kaiser Permanente in Portland. Her time there offered her the chance to experience the Northwest for the fist time, and she appreciated the active lifestyle that the region offered.

Dr. Jenewein is interested in a wide variety of treatment options for her patients. While surgery is sometimes necessary, she isn’t afraid to also employ many other less invasive interventions that can include arthroscopy, physical therapy and strength training.

Reflecting on her reasons for choosing to move to the area and join MCMC in particular, Dr. Jenewein says, “MCMC takes the whole body approach to medicine. They don’t just focus on the disease, they focus on the entire physical and mental well being of patient.”

Dr. Jenewein is excited about her future at MCMC and serving patients throughout the region. She enjoys anything outdoors, like hiking and cycling, but devotes most of her time to running and weight lifting regularly.

She looks forward to exploring the area’s extensive outdoor recreational opportunities as well as participating in the life of her new community.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kathryn Jenewein, please call 541.506.6440.