MCMC Transitions Planetree Resource Center


Contact: Athena Miller, Public Information Officer
Office Phone: 541-506-6408

New center will be located at the Celilo Cancer Center on the MCMC hospital campus

The Dalles, OR (March 31, 2017) – One of the key components to MCMC’s Planetree philosophy is access to information. When MCMC began their Planetree journey in 1992, the Planetree Health Resource Center was established at 200 E. 4th Street in The Dalles. The Resource Center has provided information for the communities we serve for almost 25 years and MCMC will continue to do so but in a different manner.

The hospital is transitioning the Resource Center from the downtown location to the Celilo Cancer Center as of April 14, 2017. Some of the resources will be moved to the Joan Wolf Memorial Library in Celilo and some will be donated to local libraries and organizations. Many of the services currently provided through the Resource Center will continue to be offered at Celilo. MCMC will still provide resources to the community such as our comprehensive healthcare information packets, trusted resources for hospital staff and answers to the community’s healthcare questions. MCMC will continue to offer the Planetree Lecture Series.

“Positive trends are influencing MCMC to offer new, improved and trusted healthcare information to the communities we serve,” said Dianne Storby, MCMC Interim CEO. “This transition will allow MCMC to better serve our communities by providing greater access to healthcare information through various digital resources. By moving to an online model, MCMC will be better positioned to expand its journal and database subscriptions; thereby, providing effective and efficient use of the vast amounts of healthcare-related information available,” added Storby.

Medical libraries are more important than ever for hospitals and outpatient clinics, not for the buildings, the stacks, or the thousands of volumes of books and journals, but for the information-related services they provide. If those services can be expanded and their resources made available anytime, anywhere, at reduced costs to the people who need them, then it’s time for a very new vision of what the MCMC library should and can be.

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