Mid-Columbia Medical Center To Close The Bistro At Water's Edge

The Dalles, Oregon, Nov. 27, 2018–As part of its mission to spread health and wellness throughout the community, Mid-Columbia Medical Center is closing The Bistro at Water’s Edge and incorporating the space into an Urgent Care Center, an enhanced Performance Gym and expanded workout area.

“To continue an emphasis on community wellness, MCMC must focus on our core business of improving health. As part of that effort, we are closing The Bistro at Water’s Edge to make room for a service that will benefit all Gorge residents. It’s a win-win for the community and our employees,” states Dennis Knox, MCMC President and CEO.

The last day of service for The Bistro is to be determined. There is no planned loss of personnel at The Bistro. Staff who want to make the transition will be transitioned into the existing kitchen staff at MCMC.

To serve Water’s Edge staff during this transition, fresh food vending machines will be available on the second floor of Water’s Edge starting November 21, 2018. Free coffee will be available on all three floors for staff starting November 28, 2018.

It is planned by mid-2019 for a full service coffee cart will also be available at Water’s Edge for staff and the public. The date is to be determined, as the coffee cart will be included in the Urgent Care buildout. Construction bids are due 11/30 and the selection process is due by 12/14, with contracting and mobilization to follow. The contractor is a key partner in determining the actual start date of the project, which will impact the close date of The Bistro.

“The past year has been a time of tremendous change for staff, patients and the entire community as Mid-Columbia Medical Center moves towards a more sustainable future. We appreciate the public’s patience with any disruptions of service as we implement our new Urgent Care facility, which will benefit all Gorge residents by providing additional access to medical care,” states Dennis Knox, MCMC President and CEO.

About Mid-Columbia Medical Center

MCMC has been serving the Columbia River Gorge for over 50 years. Adopted in 1992, the Planetree philosophy of patient care emphasizes the need to address a person's intellectual, environmental, emotional, and spiritual concerns in addition to their physical needs. For more information, visit mcmc.net.