Living the Dream: MCMC Cardiologist Dr. Matt LaBarbera Loves Life in the Gorge

For MCMC Cardiologist Dr. Matt LaBarbera, the Gorge is a dream come true.

Born and raised in the suburbs outside New York City, Dr. LaBarbera completed his B.A., M.D, and residency at Manhattan’s prestigious New York University School of Medicine—where he met his wife, MCMC Pediatrician Dr. Jaclin LaBarbera.

After following each other to San Francisco, where the doctors completed fellowships in their respective fields, the couple was ready to fulfill their dream of settling down in a rural area with plenty of access to nature and outdoor activities.

“Living in the city had its place, but I got burned out on the traffic, the cost,” said Dr. LaBarbera. “It’s nice to go to sleep without hearing sirens go by. Jaclin loves the outdoors as much as I do, and we just enjoy getting out as much as we can. Anything the outdoors has to offer we enjoy doing as a family now.”

Family Matters

Despite his suburban upbringing, Dr. LaBarbera has always enjoyed the outdoors. He grew up skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and riding ATVs, activities he hopes to share with his four boys, who range in age from newborn to 5-years-old.

Even before meeting his wife, his goal was to practice in a rural area where he could raise a family. Except for the newborn, all of the boys have been on skis already.

“My long-term goal always had been to get back to the outdoors and provide a great environment for my kids to grow up, do a lot of outdoor activities and share all those activities with them,” Dr. LaBarbera said.

He found that in the Gorge, where he owns a home in Hood River. The Gorge is also within driving distance of his wife’s family. Dr. Jaclin LaBarbera grew up in Lebanon, where her family still lives.

“It has been great already in the brief time we have been here,” Dr. LaBarbera said. “I love being so close to family, driving down for the weekend, and it’s so good for the boys.”

Exemplary Care

As a board-certified interventional cardiologist, Dr. Matt LaBarbera, treats a broad range of cardiovascular diseases.

He enjoys establishing long-term relationships with his patients, educating them about cardiovascular disease and helping them make meaningful changes in their own health as part of a patient-physician team.

Practicing at MCMC Cardiology gives him the opportunity to develop those relationships.

“We’re not just trying to churn out office visits,” he said. “We’re actually trying to take the time to develop relationships. Seeing patients come back to me and say, ‘I feel so much better.’ It’s the most rewarding thing about medicine.”

Due to Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s partnership with Oregon Health & Science University, he also practices in Portland twice a month, and can communicate with leading doctors about patients with complex cardiac conditions.

Although Dr. LaBarbera enjoys his relationship with OHSU, do not expect him to move to Portland.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Dr. LaBarbera said. “I’m looking forward to being part of this community for a long time.”

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To make an appointment with Dr. Matt LaBarbera please call 541-506-6530. Appointments available in The Dalles at Water's Edge and in Hood River at Nichols Landing.