Online Doctor's Visits Now Available

MCMC Telemedicine is Launched in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Mid-Columbia Medical Center has partnered with Amwell, a national health technology company, to offer online doctor’s visits to patients during the current public health emergency. An online doctor’s visit is a convenient way to confidently resolve certain medical conditions without having to leave your home.

As a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking patients to avoid, when possible, physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities where they could risk their own or others’ exposure to further illness.

“Healthcare organizations across the country are turning to telemedicine to provide patients with easy access to needed care, particularly during this pandemic,” said Christina McManigal, DPT, Chief Ambulatory Operations Officer at MCMC. “Telemedicine will allow MCMC to continue to provide high quality care right from the comfort of someone’s own home, while serving more people and keeping staff, patients and our community safe.”

Amwell’s secure technology makes it possible to see an MCMC provider, face to face, on your smartphone, desktop or telephone. Using video, providers can look, listen and engage with patients to diagnose health concerns and provide an effective treatment plan. Not every medical condition can or should be treated this way, but many can such as fever, sore throat, allergies, eye infection, vomiting, diarrhea and many other common conditions.

MCMC Telemedicine does not replace a patient’s primary care or specialty physician, rather it is a safe, affordable and easy way to access needed care during this national public health emergency. Telemedicine visits are available by appointment only. To make an appointment, call your MCMC provider.

“Your doctor’s office will schedule the appointment for you, just as they always do,” said McManigal.

If your provider has already scheduled an online appointment for you:

Once the appointment is set, you will need to create an account on The account creation process is simple and takes just a few moments:

  • Go to
  • The Service Key is MCMC
  • For step-by-step instructions, click here.

    Once your account is created, you can use the mobile app or website using the same username and password.