October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the important role that patients and families play in the delivery of healthcare. MCMC adopted the Planetree philosophy of person-centered care in 1992 and was the first hospital to implement the philosophy house-wide.

What is person-centered care?

Person-centered care is more than hospitality. It is more than amenities and inviting surroundings. Person-centered care creates positive impressions and satisfying experiences, but beyond that, it improves lives. Person-centered care engages the patient on all levels: emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and socially. Person-centered care creates workplaces that energize and inspire joy at work. It improves health outcomes and unites communities around health and wellness.

Research has shown that when patients and their families are engaged in their own care team, they:

  • make more informed decisions;
  • are more likely to adopt healthy behaviors;
  • report more positive patient experiences; and
  • achieve better health outcomes.

If you’re interested in helping MCMC deliver exceptional person-centered experiences, please consider joining our Patient & Family Advisory Council. For more information, contact Kim Boothe 541.506.6908 or kimb@mcmc.net