MCMC Participates in the OHA Community Partner Program for Farmworker Safety

Mid-Columbia Medical Center has been awarded a $98,000 community grant through the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Community Partner Program. The funding has allowed MCMC to join in the state’s efforts to secure Oregon’s food supply chain and protect essential agricultural workers during the covid-19 pandemic.

Community-based organizations, like MCMC, were invited to apply for the state grant to support field outreach and engagement activities to provide education farmworkers living and working in Oregon. The OHA Community Partner Program was designed in coordination with farmers and farmworker advocates.

MCMC’s field outreach includes health education sessions that cover topics such as:
· What is COVID-19?
· Symptoms and fear around reporting symptoms.
· Hand-washing.
· Masks: when and how to use them, how to clean them, etc.
· Social distancing: Gatherings, grocery shopping, and more.
· Positive cases: What to do next.
· Seeking care: When to call a provider, when to go to Immediate Care, when to go directly to a hospital emergency room.