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  • MCMC | OHSU Cardiology Opens Echocardiography Lab

    Second medical facility in Oregon to offer Gorge-area heart patients the benefits of bubble echocardiography technology. Echo can also identify areas of heart muscle that are contracting well because of poor blood flow or injury from a ...

  • State of the Heart Results

    With its recent national accreditation, MCMC’s Echocardiography Lab gets an official Seal of Approval. When Larry Toll began feeling tightness in his chest around the first of this year, he chalked it up to the typically chilly The ...

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Celilo Cancer Center

  • High­ Quality Care for Mind, Body & Soul

    Celilo Cancer Center is devoted to healing the whole person through compassionate and skilled care providers, advanced technology and time­honored healing arts. It is the diagnosis that everyone dreads. In fact, for years, people ...

  • Survivorfest 2017

    The Countdown to Survivorfest has Begun! No registration required – Simply mark your calendar, show up at the event with your family and have a great time! Event Details Saturday, May 6, 2017 11am -3pm at Water’s Edge Guest ...

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  • Stroke Survivors Support Group

    Providing Peer Support, Hope & Encouragement The Need for Peer Support, Hope and Encouragement Stroke survivors and their family caregivers need help adjusting to the changes in their lives. That’s why many stroke survivors join ...

  • Warm Up for Cold Sports

    7 conditioning tips to help ensure your trip down the mountain isn’t a painful exercise. If you’re a skier, it’s not that Ed Andree doesn’t want to meet you; you probably have a lot in common. But if you meet ...

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