ImPACT Concussion Center

Why come see us?

MCMC Sports Medicine & orthopedic Surgery is the region’s premier resource for the prevention and management of concussions.

Through our Concussion Center, we work closely with schools throughout the Gorge to protect young athletes from concussions and help those who do suffer to return to play safely.

Recovery From a Concussion

Injured athletes are evaluated by one of our physicians before receiving neuropsychological testing, called ImPACT, to evaluate cognitive function. ImPACT is the leading concussion program used by over 500 universities and 3,000 high schools.

Through ImPACT concussion testing we are able to evaluate, document and measure various brain functions, including memory, processing speed, reaction time and symptoms. With proper medical care and neuropsychological testing, our physicians are able to determine when an athlete has recovered from a concussion and can safely return to school and sports.

Recovery from a concussion may take several days to weeks. Cognitive and physical rest is the key to recovery after a concussion. Staying home from school is frequently the best thing that can be done to speed up the recovery after a concussion.

Once the signs and symptoms of a concussion have resolved, a gradual progression back to activity can be initiated.

Baseline ImPACT Test Recommended

We recommend that all high school athletes take the baseline test, which evaluates the athlete’s reaction time, concentration and memory. Should a head injury occur later, MCMC Sports Medicine specialists will be able to compare pre-injury and post-injury test results.

The test is free for area high school athletes and is only $10 for others.

Athletes who have sustained concussions can call Dr. Jane Corboy, or Dr. John Rogers at MCMC Family Medicine at 541-296-9151 to schedule an ImPACT post-injury assessment.

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