Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitative Therapy

If you are scheduled for joint-replacement surgery, our accredited Total Joint Replacement Team can help ensure your safe and fast return to your highest possible quality of life. From the day of your surgery through outpatient therapy and back to your favorite sports or activities, we offer seamless patient centered care.

During your hospital stay our therapists will help you take your first steps, teach you how to maneuver around your home, up and down stairs, safely dress, use the restroom and shower. As your healing progresses and you are ready for outpatient therapy, the same caring and skilled therapists who saw you in the hospital can help you in our outpatient clinic. They will help you to regain function, motion, address pain and improve your mobility.

As the only Joint Commission-accredited Total Joint facility in The Gorge, we offer a stand of total joint care that meets or exceeds the industry’s highest standards.

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Dr. James Reardon, Orthopedic Surgeon and Total Joint Specialist at MCMC