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Proficient Pathologists & Accurate Analyses

Our team of MCMC pathologists have extensive experience with diagnosing diseases by utilizing our state-of-the-art laboratory technology. We are able to analyze different samples using a variety of multidisciplinary medical techniques and procedures. The results we produce are often necessary for doctors to complete their daily activities when dealing with patients who are suffering from previously unidentifiable medical conditions. Our efficient line of communication allows us to convey the test results to the doctors and physicians as quickly as possible, because we understand the importance of quickly diagnosing unknown diseases.

Regarding cancer in particular, our pathologists will be looking at the disease's:

  • Condition- whether or not it is invasive
  • Grade- how the cancer cells look in comparison to the unaffected cells
  • Mitotic rate- how quickly the cancer cells are dividing
  • Tumor margin- determines whether or not the cancer is still in the body
  • Lymph nodes- determines if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body
  • Stage- signifies the overall condition of the cancer

Compassionate Care

Drawing blood for sample testing can be a stressful experience, especially for children. Our skilled pathologists are extensively trained on how to make the medical experience more comfortable for you and your children.

Our patient-centered philosophy ensures that everything we do, we do for you. This means we aim to improve your mental and emotional health, while also helping you recover physically. Our gentle and proficient pathologists work to obtain accurate results while simultaneously striving to provide you and your children with a stress-free testing experience. You can rest assured knowing our capable and knowledgeable pathologists are working around the clock to help you manage and fight your illness.